• Atlanta Neighborhood Considers Restrictions on Short Term Rentals

    Atlanta Neighborhood Considers Restrictions on Short Term RentalsMany cities and counties have taken action against the proliferation of short term rentals in their communities. The growth of online home rental platforms has raised many questions about liability, insurance obligations and the importance of maintaining neighborhood character. But the short-term rental market shows no signs of declining. Nearly one out of three travelers in the country stayed in short-term rental units in 2015. Airbnb stated that almost 7,000 Georgia residents offered their homes for short-term rental purposes in 2016. In Sandy Springs, 211 units were available for rent through Airbnb.

    The city council of Sandy Springs is currently evaluating its stance on the operation of Airbnb and other short-term rental arrangements in its city. Under current city regulations, short term rentals are permitted with certain restrictions in residential neighborhoods. The city regards a short-term rental as an any rental lasting for less than 30 days. While the council has not yet voted on changing the current law, it appears that a council meeting on this matter is imminent. The modifications would affect a range of issues concerning short term rentals.

    If adopted, the new rules would limit the use of homes for short-term rentals to permanent residents only. It would also mandate that the host be present while a renter is using the premises. The regulations would prohibit subsidized housing from being used for short-term rental purposes. Units offered on a short-term basis would have to conform to registration requirements and noise ordinances would be put into effect.

    In addition, the city will decide whether to hire Host Compliance, a San-Francisco-based company that would handle the city’s short-term rentals and monitor compliance of the city’s code by landlords. The city will likely vote on this matter during its February meeting.

    Short-term rentals can have a positive financial impact on an area, but it comes at a cost. Residents in Atlanta and other cities have complained about excessive noise and trash, lack of parking, and safety concerns. Cities all over America are struggling with how to regulate short-term rentals for these reasons. As of now, many municipalities do not have local laws that regulate home sharing.

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