• Collecting Unpaid HOA Assessments

    HOA Law - Collecting AssessmentsQuestion: I serve as a board member for my homeowner’s association (HOA). Several property owners in my HOA haven’t paid their annual HOA assessments. We are preparing to file a lien on their property. The HOA really needs the assessments to pay our bills, but we don’t want to go through the trouble of foreclosing on the property. What can we do?

    One of the biggest challenges that a home or property owner’s association will face is collecting unpaid HOA assessments. Non- payment by property owners can wreak havoc on an HOA’s budget. While liens and foreclosures are tools used by associations to battle against unpaid assessments, those battles can last for long periods of time and cost thousands of dollars, which can wreak even more havoc on an HOA’s budget.

    If you find your association in this situation, don’t let the HOA’s budget remain frozen until you can foreclose on unpaid assessments. The earlier you act, the more likely it is that the matter can be resolved in a cost effective way, so it is important to seek legal assistance early on. If you contact the Law Offices of Mark Weinstein, our experienced real estate lawyers can assist you in understanding:

    • your rights as a home or property owner’s association;
    • methods to collect unpaid assessments more quickly and inexpensively than through foreclosure;
    • other remedies for collecting unpaid assessments; and
    • answers to other questions you may have in regard to collecting of HOA assessments.

    If you are facing thousands of dollars in unpaid assessments that are putting your association’s budget on ice, then it is imperative that you act now to protect your association’s rights. The Law Offices of Mark Weinstein has been providing guidance and representing clients in real estate matters since 2001. We are committed to fighting to ensure our clients’ rights are fully protected. Contact our office at 770-888-7707 for a free consultation. Our experience is YOUR advantage.



    Brent Bartlett, Esq.




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