HOA Services

HOA AttorneyLet us help your home or property owner’s association enforce its declarations and bylaws. We will make sure your association’s rights are protected.

Home and property owner associations have legally enforceable agreements. Good advice and swift representation early on can help ensure your association receives payment from property owners and third party vendors, as well as help reduce the cost of litigation to enforce your rights.

If you need help understanding when and how you should take action against property owners that are acting in violation of association covenants or have not paid their assessments, then it may be beneficial for you to contact an attorney that is knowledgeable about home and property owner’s association law.

Our attorneys have worked with HOAs and POAs throughout the Atlanta Metro Area to help them oversee their associations, update or revise association covenants and bylaws, and take action to enforce association covenants and collect past due assessments.

Our experienced real estate attorneys can help you in understanding:

  • The various documents that give an HOA/POA power to act;
  • The best methods to use to obtain payment of HOA assessments;
  • Which courts to use to obtain judgments and/or foreclose on a property;
  • Answers to other questions you may have regarding HOA management and collections of unpaid assessments.

We represent associations across North Georgia and would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss what our firm can do to help your community.  We are able to provide legal opinions, amendments, interpretation, and analysis of governing documents. We are able to review vendor contracts, provide assistance with collections and assist with covenant violations.

The Law Offices of Mark Weinstein, P.C. has been providing guidance and representing clients in regard to real estate matters since 2001. We are committed to fighting to ensure our clients’ rights as property owners are fully protected. Contact our office at 770-888-7707 for a free case evaluation. Our experience is YOUR advantage.