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     Am I stuck with this bill as a new home buyer?

      I recently purchased a home. Even though everything seemed fine before the closing, I just went downstairs and found a flood 6 inches deep! The previous owners told me that there were no problems with the house, and my inspection report came back clean. The repairman told me that I have to spend several thousand dollars to fix the damage. Am I stuck with the bill? How can I get out of this mess?


    Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments most people make in their lifetime. It requires a lot of time and a lot of money to make it past the closing table. One of the worst feelings in the world is finding out that even more money is required to fix property damage just after moving into your new home. You might feel that you did everything right and researched the property as much as possible, but even the best researched homes can have hidden problems that don’t show up until you’ve already signed on the dotted line.

     If you find yourself in this situation, gather as much information about your situation as possible and contact the Law Offices of Mark Weinstein. Our experienced real estate litigation attorneys can assist you in understanding:

     ·      your rights as a new property owner;
    ·      whether or not you have a legal claim against the previous property owner, the property  inspector, or the real estate agent;
    ·      the necessary steps, including litigation, that may be necessary to ensure your rights as a property owner are preserved; and,
    ·       anything else you may need knowledge of or assistance with in regard to the failure of the previous property owner to properly disclose previous or existing property damage.
    If you are facing thousands of dollars in repair bills over undisclosed property damage, then it is imperative that you act NOW so that you can fully preserve and protect your rights as a property owner. The Law Offices of Mark Weinstein have been providing guidance and representing clients in regard to real estate matters since 2001. We are committed to fighting to ensure our clients’ rights as property owners are fully protected. Contact our office at 770-888-7707 for a free consultation. Our experience is YOUR advantage.
    Brent Bartlett, Esq.
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