• Who is the Georgia Real Estate Commission and What Do They Do?

    Who is the Georgia Real Estate Commission and What Do They DoYou may know that real estate brokers and real estate agents are licensed by the State of Georgia.

    But do you know who the Georgia Real Estate Commission (“Commission”) is and what they do?

    Today’s post will give you a brief overview of who they are and what the Commission does.

    The Georgia Real Estate Commission.

    The Commission is the body responsible for administering the licensing laws that regulate real estate brokers, salespersons, and community association managers.

    The Commission also supplies staff support to the Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board. (It does not, however, have any authority over administration of the Georgia Appraisal Act.)

    Georgia’s real estate license laws were created in 1926 to protect the public from intentional or unintentional harm that could arise in their relationships with real estate brokers. The law established a three-member Commission to regulate licensees.

    Since its inception, the license law has allowed the Commission to discipline licensees that violate the law’s provisions. The Commission has the power to reprimand a licensee, or suspend, or revoke a real estate license.  Over the years the Commission’s powers grew to allow it to require education and accountant’s reports on trust accounts instead of, or in addition to, the traditional sanctions. The Legislature also authorized the Commission to impose fines in its disciplinary process if the Commission deemed them appropriate. By 1999, the Legislature authorized the Commission to develop a system of citations for minor offenses.

    As a regulatory body, the Commission’s role is to protect the public interest by fairly and impartially administering the real estate license laws.

    Real estate brokers or agents who do not follow the law may find themselves facing a regulatory hearing.

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